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Hi! We’re Ant & Dick

We started this little website, and blog, as we are massive fans of cruising but also new to it…..maybe like you! Cruising can be daunting, no matter if you have cruised before, going cruising alone for the first time or never cruised before. We know what it’s like to get confused in all the complex ins and outs that cruising can bring….so we wanted to share our cruising tips, thoughts, ideas, reviews and so much more!

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Cruising Tips

Sharing cruising tips for newbies, or even those that are used to cruising!

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Cruise Safety

We share cruise safety tips, especially for those travelling and cruising solo.

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Cruise Reviews

Sharing out little thoughts and reviews on our own cruising adventures.

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Cruise Ideas

Stuck for where to take your next cruise? Maybe our cruising ideas could help?

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